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food_pill's Journal

Food Pill: When science-fiction becomes reality.
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All Members , Moderated
The discussion of common elements of science-fiction becoming reality.
The purpose of this community is to post links to articles as well as to discuss the prospect of common science-fiction themes becoming reality, and how they relate to current technology trends. While related articles and links are great, discussion is not limited to those things. Editorial and Original Research are more than welcome.

The rules are pretty basic.

- Be civil and respectful of other users.
- Try and keep posts on topic (although posts which are off topic, but still relevant to the interests of the group are probably acceptable. Use your judgment).
- Spam posts will be deleted.
- Disruptive users will be banned.
- Please post multiple or especially large images behind a cut.
- Please tag posts appropriately.
- And have fun. :)

If you're still not sure what this community is all about and need a little more explaination, please read my introduction post here. It provides a more in-depth explanation of my hopes for this community.

<3, aboyandhisrobot, Lead Moderator

My partner-in-crime, angryangeltoo, is the maintainer of the lovely madscienceclub community, dedicated to intriguing applications of science and world domination. It is more closely moderated, but less restrictive in it's topics of conversation. Interested members of food_pill are welcome to apply for membership.

If you also run a community that you think may be of interest to members of food_pill, please refrain from advertising in a post, but rather, send me a private message and I will take into consideration advertising it here on the profile. Thanks.
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